March 20

"From Passion to Purpose: Unveiling the Journey of GEMY MAALOUF"

The brand story started in 1966, when the Lebanese designer Gemy Maalouf opened her first atelier in the vibrant neighborhood of Achrafieh in Beirut, Lebanon. Driven by a desire to create timeless elegance and redefine femininity, Gemy Maalouf quickly gained recognition for her exquisite designs and meticulous craftsmanship. Her dedication to selecting the finest fabrics and maintaining a minimalist yet elegant aesthetic became the cornerstone of her brand's identity.
As her brand flourished and her reputation grew, Gemy Maalouf's atelier in Beirut became a hub of creativity and innovation. In 2000, she expanded her operations, moving to a larger space in the bustling district of New Rawda. This new atelier provided Gemy Maalouf with the perfect canvas to further elevate her designs and cater to a growing clientele.
With each passing year, Gemy Maalouf's passion and talent continued to shine through her creations, captivating the hearts of brides and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Her attention to detail, paired with the ability to infuse minimalism with elegant amplification, set her brand apart in the industry. In 2009, the brand extended its offerings with the launch of Edition by Gemy Maalouf, a second line that further showcased Gemy Maalouf's artistic excellence and commitment to refined aesthetics.
In 2012, a significant milestone marked the brand's journey as Gemy Maalouf proudly opened her first flagship boutique in the prestigious City Center Beirut. A magnificent three-story building dedicated to her evening and bridal collections, the boutique became a sanctuary of glamour and sophistication. The flagship boutique is currently closed due to unforeseen circumstances.
Gemy Maalouf's signature style, characterized by graceful silhouettes and a masterful selection of fabrics, continued to captivate discerning clients and celebrities alike. Her designs were celebrated for their ability to empower women, highlighting their natural beauty and unique allure.
Today, Gemy Maalouf stands as a beacon of timeless elegance and artistic excellence. Her brand continues to evolve, enchanting the world with each new collection. Gemy Maalouf ’s detail-oriented designs have a global reach, with over 150 worldwide boutiques located in 48 different countries. In the US Gemy has a wide presence in New York, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Boston, Miami, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Chicago and Texas. The brand has always been present at fashion weeks in the top capitals of the world.
The brand presents multiple lines, the main line ‘GEMY MAALOUF’, the second line ‘Édition GEMY MAALOUF’, and GEMY MAALOUF Bridal. Creations that embrace art, culture and freedom of expression. Evening collections will be presented during New York & Paris fashion weeks and the Bridal Collection with be presented During New York & Barcelona Bridal Fashion Weeks. In June 2022, GEMY MAALOUF had her first fashion show experience in MAROC FASHION WEEK.
Gemy Maalouf has been listed in Forbes “30 Women Behind Middle Eastern Brands” for three consecutive years now, showcasing the powerful woman leading others to success. The brand’s designs are sought after by a wide range of women, the reason Gemy Maalouf decided to open an online store that is accessible to all women around the world.
Through the years the brand has been featured in many printed and digital magazines from the cover of Vogue Arabia June 2022 issue, featuring Saudi singer Dalia Mubarak. Farrah ElDibany Mezzo- Soprano singer was the first African-Egyptian to join Paris Opera Academy was featured in Vogue Arabia November 2022 Issue. Harper's Bazzar Arabia featuring Iris Apfel public figure and fashion icon. Sayidaty Magazine Issue 2188 Cover featuring Raya Abi Rached in Cannes coverage issue.LO'AMMI MODA magazine featuring model Aylen Hervaz ,winter feeling Issue .Olivia Culpo wearing GEMY MAALOUF squared neckline jumpsuit for L'officiel Riviera.
Celebrities who dazzled in GEMY MAALOUF for Red Carpet events are numerous, Katharine Foster at the Breakthrough Prize Ceremony. The actress Maria de Medeiros attended the "Rapito (L'Enlevement/Kidnapped)" red carpet during the 76th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals, wearing Gemy Maalouf Beaded collar Tassel dress moved heads with her glamorous whirling. Her look was featured by Vanity Fair, Elle, and Festival de Cannes main website. Raya Abi Rached public figure and TV presenter wearing Gemy Maalouf SS23 fuchsia strapless petals gown to the Opening Ceremony of the 76th Cannes Film Festival. Actress Leila Eloui wearing EDITION GEMY MAALOUF slim cut crepe long dress with feathers at The Red Sea Film Festival. Shereen Reda is wearing Gemy Maalouf long embroidered black dress with side slit and short sleeves to El Gouna Film Festival in Egypt.