March 20 Edition by GEMY MAALOUF SS23

Edition by GEMY MAALOUF SS23 "Auroras Nights"

The auroras are some of the most awesome sights in the night sky, dazzling light, bright arcs and diffuse glows. Most glimmer green, some shine red, blue or purple colors are encrypted in Gemy Maalouf Edition Spring/Summer 2023 collection awaken an enchanted moment of possibility where fantasies can manifest. Such breathtaking displays are considered one of the natural wonders of the world.

It is the indefinable spirited women bringing with her a midnight mystique and fantastical dreamscapes. Her vibrant movement and vision glimmering in a pastel spectrum, draping Chiffon layers, wispy multicolor Brocard, shimmering beads, and silver sequins glow illuminating nude tulles.

Inspiring silhouette personifies the power and grace of the everchanging mystery. Gemy Maalouf Edition SS23 Collection is exhibiting a brilliant allure that captures the eye in a moment where everything is familiar, yet nothing is quite as it seems. Embroidered haltered collar gowns, bows with flower embellishment swaying down sleeves, aurora’s cascading light fabrics marvelously overlap into fantastic dreams that embrace the body in figure defining forms and enveloping the space with glow to unveil a collection embodying the movement with elegant hues, sumptuous textures and curvy lines.