The House

Gemy’s story started in the eyes of an inquisitive young girl, whose curiosity and passion would be nurtured to blossom into exceptional talent.

Her father owned a fabric factory and from an early age, she would regularly visit this fascinating world of colors and materials, within which she found not only great inspiration but also the opportunity to create great beauty.

It was only natural that she should have inherited his fondness for textiles and realising her vocation was to be fashion, she vowed to pave her own way in that world sprinkling it with her unique mark of freshness and magic.  


Her innate artistic talent was further developed through relentless devotion to her work and a determination to challenge the norms of current fashion. By 1996 Gemy Maalouf had opened her premier atelier in Beirut, and became the first designer to launch the “Couture a Porter” concept in Lebanon.

Somewhat of a pioneer in the field, her desire to present haute couture in an unprecedented manner meant defying the classic in every aspect of her work. Her unique approach was soon noticed and in no time she had started to carve a name for herself as the go-to for intricate high-end formal wear for the young, sexy and modern woman.


Constantly up-to-date with the latest trends, and at the forefront of fashion creativity, Gemy Maalouf draws her inspiration from the magic she finds in colors and the harmony of textiles.  Her aim is to weave collections that tell a unique story through each individual piece.

Her work exudes sophistication and charm and the exceptional attention to detail and unique cuts she designs have come to define Gemy’s signature style.

Seemingly simple from afar, her models are in fact a complex display of superior craftsmanship, beautifully redefining haute couture through intricate yet multifunctional “prêt-a-porter” fashion.


Gemy’s notable designs now reach a global audience and can be found in the top fashion capitals of the world, such as Paris, Milan and New York. They cater to the modern woman and are distributed in 48 different countries worldwide and more than 150 brand boutiques.

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